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Build a granite sett circle around a fountain, place stepping stones through a fern garden, sandstone your patio, this is a fantastic range of natural stone and classy riven paving to inspire any amateur landscaper or professional garden designer.

Ideal for features, paths, patios etc.

For more information and advice ring us on 01691 831 682 or email us at sales@powysstone.co.uk

For easy handling we supply Stepping stones on a pallet.
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Stepping Stones Back to Top

Granite Setts Back to Top
For easy handling we supply Granite Setts in a wire basket (700 pcs.)

Natural Sandstone Back to Top
Our beautiful Natural Sandstone ranges are sourced from quarries all over the world. Calibrated cutting and an interesting assortment of sizes will create a perfect, long lasting, feature which will serve you proud for many years.

They are ideal for Paths, Patios, Borders, Garage Aprons etc.
For easy handling we supply Natural Sandstone in a crate (20.7 sq. m)
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Riven Paving Back to Top
Our range of Riven Paving gives your garden that natural look. Sensible sizes are convenient for handling and laying plus careful manufacture means you'll have a perfect uniform result. Ideal for Paths, Patios, Garden Features, Garden Shed apron and surround etc.
For easy handling we supply Riven Paving on a pallet (64 per pallet).
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Pennant Random Walling Back to Top
Pennant Random Walling is such a beautiful material to use for home, garden or business premises. With a style and character dating back hundreds of years, it is of course perfect for building dry stone walls (if you have the skills!). These days it is perfect for feature walls in renovation or new build projects. A stylish perimeter walk, grand steps, water features or pillars, the choice is yours.

For easy handling we supply Pennant Random Walling stone in crates. (70 pcs. per crate)
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Impressive walling in any location

Stunning feature walls and pillars

Powys & Marches Stone Supplies