Powys & Marches Stone Supplies
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We might be going through a period of global warming, but every winter we are caught out 'unexpectedly' by icy steps and driveways. Our de-icing salt is always bagged-up and ready for your last minute call!

If you haven't had time to saw up those logs, we can save you the bother, just order a bulk bag of ready sawed and split logs, dry and ready to crackle away in your hearth.

Along with play pit sand for the summer, Powys & Marches Stones is the supplier for ALL seasons.

For more information and advice ring us on 01691 831 682 or email us at sales@powysstone.co.uk

For easy handling we supply Seasonal products in MAXI PACKS (63 per pallet) and in BULK BAGS.

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Powys & Marches Stone Supplies

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